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Tony Johnson is not your typical coach. He knows how to break individuals out of their comfort zones. He will inspire with his passion and stories of how to succeed. He shares with audience lessons learned on the road to success, while giving them practical tips that they can use at the workplace, school, or in life. Leadership is a means to acheiving a goal. It may not be the goal. A possession of leadership does not define the person. A title is not required, an election does not grant it either. Coach Johnson will show you how to lead from any position and become successful.


 Motivational Speaking Topics:


  •  Burn the boats: Never look back again.

  •  Never walk alone: Surround yourself with great people.

  •  Winners make commitments. Losers make excuses.

  •  12 steps to success in high school coaching.

  •  Dealing with change: If you can look up, you can get up.

  •  Dreams are all you get for free.

  •  Becoming a champion of character.

  •  Offensive line fundamentals.

  •  Building a program.

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